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super scanner antennas

Hello sir!!! i have 2 questions about my super scanners??? first,my relay box on the antenna is bad it got wet and doesnt work anymore.Could i use a remote box such as the ameritron remote switch box to take the place of my relay box???second question, Would it be possible to stack two of these antennas on top of each other using only one control box and one working relay box???

Re: super scanner antennas

Hi Dave If you have the older style box with only the matching stub, any relay box will work but you might not have an omni position. If your box has the 'tuned circuits' you may still be able to sub a standard box but the tuning of the phasing lines will be trial and error. They can be stacked but you would have to estimate gain and pattern to get the exact spacing. If not, try 1 wavelength apart. Dont forget to use a proper impedance phasing line. Al

Re: Re: super scanner antennas

Sir I would like to buy a avanti super scanner antena.
Due you know were I can buy one.

Thank you,