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dish antenna design

i would like to build my own solid or mesh type antenna for tv home use... i want you to help me to build this tv antenna for receiving signals with the simple and easy to find materials with full detailed informations how to fix each part of it
thank you very much

Re: dish antenna design

Hi Ali the first step is to use my program to design the antenna. As stated on my page almost any material will bend to the proper shape when stressed. The material you use mostly depends on your weather and cost. Wood works fine if weather proofed or aluminum tubing if you need something better. If you are using for the older satelites chicken fence (about 1 inch hexagon holes) can be used, if you are at 11 ghz, use window screening. Make sure it is metallic and not the newer plastic type.. Search the net for amateur radio astronomy. You will find some good sites WITH DETAILS on how to build dishes. Hope this helps 73 Al ve3sqb