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Element Tapper effects

To:Alan VE3SQB.
I have noticed on some of your calculation programs the extra facility of
element adjustments due to its overall tapering effects.
Resulting in many issues of the over all length being longer.

I would like to be advised if could have a simple routine program to check my big elements on my 4sq.arrays and 80m. These are huge elements and some accuracy
would help getting these within frequency range of calculation.
Some written info say 3-5% longer a guess I suppose?
i.e. tubing dia. from 55mm. to 25mm over a length of 19,000 or 19m.
Normally the bandwidth of these elements cover many calculated errors.
I would really like to know the correct rules or formulas please.
thank you in advance and for your work with us guys.

Mal. VK6LC