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Re: Antena, Trees, concelment, dipole & Verticals

William Eccles - Jardine
I have just come back to setting up a station from over 5 years off the air.

My wife and I live in a mobile park [ Maple Grove Christian Retreat Center] with a governing board SO I must be very gentle how I put up "antennas" SO AS Not to create a strain on relations [ a little at a time].

I have just this week hooked up my 20,40,80 Meter Vertical; which has been sitting on a ground post at the back corner of our mobile all summer; so far no one has objected; I am using it on my icom ic-r70 so I am partially back on the air.

I will be using our soon to be 40 foot single tube flag pole as the center point for the dipole (s) BUT there are plenty of trees at the front{ north} of the lot and 75 ft to the back{ south} of it is a power line running parallel to our 40 foot mobile; {east to west}.

Also on top of the flag /pole I will be installing a 2 Meter and 440 antennas { the 2 Meter this year then adding a spreader arm about 3 feet long, so that a 440 can be placed at one end and the 2 meter at the other }

THE DIFFICULTY >>>>> ????HOW TO???? make the dipole(S) as invisible as possible and still use an inverted V type.

address 3-194936 line 19 RR2 Thamesford
home phone 226-289-3252
I am usually home in the evenings after 6 P.M. or before 10 A.M.

Thank you for any and all inspired guidance you may be able to give me.
Thank you Wm.

To ADD a NOTE Ham Licence VE3JEY

Re: Antena, Trees, concelment, dipole & Verticals

To add a further note to the previous My call sign is VE3JEY
My oversight from the pervious message.