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looking for a limited space multi band hf antenna to build

What I have to work with is I live in a 2nd floor apt, of a 2 story apt building. No outside antennas allowed on the roof other then Dish Network and Direct tv antennas. I can however put on my open air (no roof over it)balcony any kind of a free standing antenna, as long as it isn't bolted, screwed or otherwise mounted to the balcony. The balcony is about 11' long and 5' wide. I am not very good at math in terms of designing an antenna. But I can follow detailed plains and pictures of an antenna that someone else designs and I do the building. It also has to be relatively cheap to build because I live on a fixed income from the Gov. SSDI disability. I was thinking of using a 5gl bucket. Stick a short metal post in the middle and fill the bucket with concrete. I think that should make a good support for the antenna.