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Antenna dual 2m 70cm quagi

Hi, newly licenced here in the UK with only 10w to play with, I am looking to build a small high gain directional rooftop antenna for both 2m and 70cm as I live way out in the Northumberland countryside out of range of all the nearest repeaters with standard vertical antennas.
I was looking at the quagi design for my first home brew antenna project and wondered if a 2m and 70cm quagi could be combined on the same boom as it is driven by a basic quad loop and should not (from what I have read) be affected by other loops and elements on the same boom is this correct?
regards and 73s
Phil M6MRP

Re: Antenna dual 2m 70cm quagi - by Al - Nov 17, 2010 7:52am
Re: Antenna dual 2m 70cm quagi - by Phil - Nov 17, 2010 8:59am
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