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Re: Someone help me!!!

Hello. I see this happening with my wife sometimes and I get a hold of it and sometimes its me an my wife gets a hold of it. Maybe live in with the grandparents for a week. But mainly show her the way, jus when you're tiredit migt get harder or easier but get her busy, go to playgrounds, make a picnic, bake a cake, bake biscuits, go to another playground, play football near th playground, go to a gymnastics group (or climbing area) where she can get tired, take her to another playground, ensure she has an approximate get out of bed, breakfast, lunch, inner, get ready for bed routine. Do some art work, take her to the library, take her to a children's theatre, take her to another playround. She could be tired after all that, read bedtime story, get some percussion instruments to play with for a time and sing to nursery rhymes. Mainly you lead and be active andshe might follow you, ad if you can enjoy thee nice things stil she might get over what is a typical phase.