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Re: Help my 5 yr old doesn't sleep constantly naughty and I'm stuck

If you ask a 5 year old for a reason for something that they probably don't understand themselves chances are they'll make up a story to keep you happy and without knowing you'll feed that story till it builds into a reality. So first, if you want to know why she's not sleeping don't ask her!

From what you say it sounds like a problem from being a baby that has built and become habit and the daytime behaviour is probably due to tiredness on all sides.

Just got my 6 year old to sleep through the night in his own my advice would be change her room round, clean it all out, fresh coat of paint, a complete change, even change rooms if you can...if she has monsters and ghosts have a goodbye ceromony to get rid, make up some story about they've found what they came for (a teddy or a there freind or something they left behind) and now they are leaving and are very happy with there new home so won't be back again. Then bribe her. £1 a night for every good night she has. Probably frowned upon by many but don't suppose they've gone five years without a good nights sleep.

Re: Help my 5 yr old doesn't sleep constantly naughty and I'm stuck


If this was my daughter, I would take her to a doctor first. What he/she is saying is quite an upsetting scene, has he/she been watching television when you have not been there? I find that if I explain things to my daughter she understands and can happily get on. Perhaps yours is now scared about crossing the road / getting run over, so perhaps read some "crossing the road" stories with her. If you are in the UK, lookup the Children's Traffic Club which sends a series of booklets with stories about road saftey, colouring in, quizzes, and reward stickers.

Has anyone in your family been hurt in a road accident? Does your 5 year old need to talk something out? Perhaps something for your doctor?

Immediate action I take when my daughter is sleepless is to wear her out the next day! Playground, followed by running /chase game if its good weather, followed by indoor gym /playcentre. Meal times are on time, there might be ice cream for evening pudding, and bedtime routine starts a bit earlier; wash, teeth, story, into bed, prayer, lights out. Since its a bit earlier I stay with her, hold her hand, and either tell her another story long and slow until she's asleep or sing a couple of lullabies over and over again. I also get a sound nights sleep too after all that exercise!