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Help my 5 yr old doesn't sleep constantly naughty and I'm stuck

Hi I need some help! I have a 5 yr old. Who never sleeps and really hasn't done since she was born! She screams and crys all night and when we ask her y she's doing this she replies 'the monsters keep talking to me'. She used to have an imaginary friend who she discribed v clearly that this friend was dead and that she got ran over by a bus, across the road frm us. When I spoke to her nursary teacher, re this she said that she will grow out of it. This was 2 years ago!!!! Now thers monsters in her head that keep talking to her! At first I thought she was lying etc but it's been going on for weeks. Her behaviour is destruptive which I know is cause she don't sleep but I just don't know what to do with her. She's a nightmare won't do as she's told etc crys whinges all the time, when she can't get her own way, draws on Walls bangs doors huts her bro and sis. HELP

Re: Help my 5 yr old doesn't sleep constantly naughty and I'm stuck

If you ask a 5 year old for a reason for something that they probably don't understand themselves chances are they'll make up a story to keep you happy and without knowing you'll feed that story till it builds into a reality. So first, if you want to know why she's not sleeping don't ask her!

From what you say it sounds like a problem from being a baby that has built and become habit and the daytime behaviour is probably due to tiredness on all sides.

Just got my 6 year old to sleep through the night in his own my advice would be change her room round, clean it all out, fresh coat of paint, a complete change, even change rooms if you can...if she has monsters and ghosts have a goodbye ceromony to get rid, make up some story about they've found what they came for (a teddy or a there freind or something they left behind) and now they are leaving and are very happy with there new home so won't be back again. Then bribe her. £1 a night for every good night she has. Probably frowned upon by many but don't suppose they've gone five years without a good nights sleep.

Re: Help my 5 yr old doesn't sleep constantly naughty and I'm stuck


If this was my daughter, I would take her to a doctor first. What he/she is saying is quite an upsetting scene, has he/she been watching television when you have not been there? I find that if I explain things to my daughter she understands and can happily get on. Perhaps yours is now scared about crossing the road / getting run over, so perhaps read some "crossing the road" stories with her. If you are in the UK, lookup the Children's Traffic Club which sends a series of booklets with stories about road saftey, colouring in, quizzes, and reward stickers.

Has anyone in your family been hurt in a road accident? Does your 5 year old need to talk something out? Perhaps something for your doctor?

Immediate action I take when my daughter is sleepless is to wear her out the next day! Playground, followed by running /chase game if its good weather, followed by indoor gym /playcentre. Meal times are on time, there might be ice cream for evening pudding, and bedtime routine starts a bit earlier; wash, teeth, story, into bed, prayer, lights out. Since its a bit earlier I stay with her, hold her hand, and either tell her another story long and slow until she's asleep or sing a couple of lullabies over and over again. I also get a sound nights sleep too after all that exercise!