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Re: Abuse

Social Workers should do a risk assessment, but they will probably take childs side as u have said she has had problems and has been diagnosed with mental illness-I have been waiting 6 years nearly for someone 2 diagnose my child-Have ur parents ever thought Bi-polar? For this girl? My child has had behavioural problems since starting school-mostly violent but has recently accused me and her father of physically abusing her-WHICH IS ALL LIES and was also proved unfounded and she also admitted she lied. Also if her behaviour I think has not changed after 7 years-something is possibly wrong-ADHD? possibly not-I cant understand how angry u feel about wots happened 2 ur child-u have my thoughts-but u must also think thats also a child-wot if ur child grew and started doing things like that? Sounds like the child needs more help-in either education-social work-mental health and counselling-and also ur parents and other family members, I had to write after some of it sounded so familiar