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Re: Re: 9yr old causing havoc!

Hi Nicki, Yes I blame the skools-As the 1st skool she started in all they did was send her home 2 me every single day!!! for 3 months in a row-I ended up losing my temper and said I'd goto papers and say how they weren't helping my child-education board was called in and it was discussed moving her-so they did and then tried putting her back in a nursery-Which just wasn't working either-then then they moved her again and skool closed down and now moved again and she still in this skool, My child has continous meetings-every 3 months-they tried her back in Mainstream in August there with hardly any support-she coped for 1st month and then it fell apart-There is no problems with her learning skill as I have just had parents nite and they said she is quite advanced compared to some of the other kids-whether that because she had 1-1 for past 2 years I have no idea.
Also this is a new mainstream teacher-ever his 1st year of being a teacher and a new special needs teacher-and at last meeting (last week)-I feel they are expressing opinions-when they hardly know her.
Also this educational psychologist-has never assessed my child-but she comes 2 meetings which I have no idea wot for!! I feel like she assessing her through the opinions of these teachers which is wrong-They think she just defiant and can control her behaviour-But I dont think so.
There plan is wait till October break over and then increase time back in mainstream and then do same thing again-But if she hasn't handled it then she prob no gonna handle again