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Re: Re: Spanking VS./ Time outs,Corners, Naughty circles

I will agree with you. When I say this I might upset a lot of people but it is my choice on how I feel. I do agree with time outs but there are times when a child might need to be spaked ( ON THE BUTT ONLY). The peoblem these days is everybody thinks your beating your child & that is why we have so many teenagers who talk bad to there parents & do as they please.

Re: Spanking VS./ Time outs,Corners, Naughty circles

I was only spanked a couple of times when I was a child and I turned out just fine, but my six year old would of course rather have a time out but spankings are more effective. Her school sent out notes asking for permission to paddle at school I said NO because they call it abuse when you spank a child. They want to beat them with a piece of wood. HA!