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Spanking VS./ Time outs,Corners, Naughty circles

I dont know if this topic has ever been posted before...I want to know what the parents feel about spanking...It seems that spanking just isnt socially acceptable any more, and that the Gov.s telling us how to raise our children. Or else, schools are teaching children that almost anything is abuse and call 911 for help...

I dont understand why we should have to put children in time outs,corners, naughty circles etc. for disbehaving at times,badly.(sometimes older kids)
It seems like such a joke to take away a video game from a child when thay have done something wrong...
how would it have effected you if your mother would have taken away you scabble, or operation, or simon back in the 70's or early 80's. I think I would have what!

As soon as your child grows up and commits a wrong at any degree in society they are put in Juvinile hall, jail, or prison....there are no naughty corners in those places. and will even look to the parents as to suggest we did something wrong in raising them.

Dont get me wrong Im talking about a spanking, whipping, whoopin' (what ever phrase you use) Im not talking about abuse, and injury.
I was raised with serious business spankings, and I turned out just fine,,,there are some who would suggest that it had serious effects on me, and thats why I spank my child.
I spank my child because I feel like I turned out so well, and I see the children in grocery stores shouting and screaming and begging for things while mom, tries to reason with an out of control 6 yr. old
about time out when they get home??? What say you?
Am I wrong?

Re: Spanking VS./ Time outs,Corners, Naughty circles

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Society has told us it is not acceptable to spank our children, I was like you I was spanked as a child and I turned out fine. If you will look in the Bible in Proverbs 23 verses 13-15 it says to disipline your children. I dont think that it means beat them literaly, but to not withhold correction. I think timeouts and naughty circles are good for some things but others things you have to use more stricter dispiline.

Re: Re: Spanking VS./ Time outs,Corners, Naughty circles

I will agree with you. When I say this I might upset a lot of people but it is my choice on how I feel. I do agree with time outs but there are times when a child might need to be spaked ( ON THE BUTT ONLY). The peoblem these days is everybody thinks your beating your child & that is why we have so many teenagers who talk bad to there parents & do as they please.

Re: Spanking VS./ Time outs,Corners, Naughty circles

I was only spanked a couple of times when I was a child and I turned out just fine, but my six year old would of course rather have a time out but spankings are more effective. Her school sent out notes asking for permission to paddle at school I said NO because they call it abuse when you spank a child. They want to beat them with a piece of wood. HA!