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Re: Re: Re: Re: Am I Dad or Adrian?

Its my son, I have a son by my first wife. Of recent since my step kids have reverted to calling me Adrian it has only served to strengthen the longing for a child of my own. Longing to hear a kid call me Dad. Am I being silly?
My wife doesnt understand, she only says "Adrian is your name isnt it?" Thats as may be. I said to her "Well when you are a grandmother, youll be Nan, what will I be..."
That question cant be answered ...yet, but I will suspect it will be "Adrian", she doesnt understand just how upset I will be.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Am I Dad or Adrian?

Thats really sad Adrian...

Mayb you need to sit down and think hard about what you want for the future....

Take Care hun x

Re: Am I Dad or Adrian?

Ive already done that.

Because of the kids and the way she lets them get away with blue murder. They can do and say what they like, and be as rude as they like, its ok by "mommy dearest", the kids can do no wrong. My step son is in trouble at school for bullying. All my wife did was take his mobile from him for a month!

I feel Im hitting my head against the wall.