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Re: 10 year old having sex play? Please .advise me


well as we all know children get to an age where they are unaware of the intensities of sexual relationships but are facinated with the opposite sex. At 10 they dont realise what or why their bodies are the way they are and if they have been subjected to any type of sexual behaviour, whether it be films or just talk, they cant help but wonder!

Myself i belive that it is just a phase, one that i myself went through and know other people the same.. Being harsh on the child could affect them later in life, you just need to say look your not ment to be doing that (touching etc.) but they will grow out of it themselves.. Its not down to bad parenting etc.. just a child exploring the world and trying to get a better understanding.

Re: Re: 10 year old having sex play? Please .advise me

Thanks so much for your reply motherinbed. Thats what I believe deep down inside about the situation, I feel it was two innocent kids exploring each with each other, but on the other hand after it happend the second time I was very harsh with her, as I didnt want it to happen a 3rd time and go even further, like actual penitration etc.
I am trying very hard to let it go but I find my self bringing it up often as to teach a lesson in everything that comes along about decisions and rules etc...and it seems that its a bigger deal to me than it is to her.

But thanks again...Im open for any and all advice on the matter.

UpDATE!!!!! sex play? UPDATE!!!!!!!

this issue has come and gone for the most part in our home, I just wanted to add that my daughter has fessed up to how this all came about and as it turns out the boy bribed her/threatend her(in a simple ten year old manner) to tell on her, for something she did at school, and she thought of it as a good way to not get into trouble,
Also the boy asked her if she wanted to do it "rape or regular" I dont know what he meant by that and she doest either, and I dont believe the boy knows what he was talking about....I have made the choice to keep her away from this boy he will be 11 years old in a matter of weeks, and I think he has started puberty and will continue to seek out some kind of fufillment with his new "discovery" down below.