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Re: 5yr old hates me, please help!!!

its going to take time for every one to get used to you working .i really think you need to stop beating yourself up over this ,i think your little girl is picking up on the fact you feel so bad about going back to work and is using it to make you feel worse because she thinks she can make you stay at home that way. why dont you try setting some time by for just her and her to do some thing that is just for the two of you, make it some thing she really enjoys and make it clear that if you didnt work you wouldnt have the money to do it. most of all set rules and try time out, star charts and stick to it. most of all give her time and give yourself a break ,its clear your a good mum and the fact you have gone back to work does not change that.all children say things like "i hate you" dont read too much into it they only say it out of anger they dont really hate you!!!
keep your chin up chick

Re: Re: 5yr old hates me, please help!!!

Hi there, I agree with debbie, I think your daughter is aware you are feeling guilty and is playing to it in the hope you will give up work and at herbeck and call again. I would simply ignore all of her demands and when she says hurtful things like 'I hate you' simply reply 'well I love you very much' so that she can see she is not getting to you. When she is good give her lots of cuddles and positive praise, try to give her a slightly later bedtime of her own when you can give her real one to one, after the others have gone to bed to make her feel a bit special. Good luck and don't worry.