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Re: Re: Re: twins having sex! please help!

Suggest you talk to both of them and get professional advice locally on how best to handle the situation, perhaps from Social Services.

Also is ther no way you can alter the sleeping arrangements to reduce the risk of it happenning again?



Re: twins having sex! please help!

Separate them as soon as possible. Use your front room as an extra room. The long term solution is to send one away to an extended member of the family while you are accesing phycological help for them because it is not natural for siblings to be attracted to each other sextually never mind twins

Re: twins having sex! please help!

If your twins are having sex, don't worry about it! I know what your thinking. What!?!?!?! But this is probaly just a stage and they find each other very atractive. If it doesn't stop in a a few months, then I would call a therapist. If you have a video camera I would put it in their room and whenever their not home, look at the tape and see if "anything" happened. You might think it might be an "invasion of privacy", but unless you want grandchildren from both kids together then I would do that.

Re: twins having sex! please help!

Are you kidding me....Break this up....they arent small children playing doctor. They need to see someone. As a parent you should have been horrified, there is no way 14 year old opposite sex kids should be sharing a share with your son, and let the girl have her own space.