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Re: 12 month old likes to scream and talk back (babble)

Because she is only 12 months old, it is going to have to be kind of OK for her to get her needs met this way! She is a baby! She does not have the awareness of the concept of what we call manipulation!

But very soon, she WILL be aware of how to manipulate. And so this bable bossing does NOT become the method she uses on you to get her way, and lead to all other sorts of dissention, you must plan your "discipline method" now! I have recommended this in other replys...Please just try to watch these videos called 123 Magic!
It sounds corney. And when I watched them, I rolled my eyes at the results that were supposed to occur. But it is a miracle! I get much greater Cooperation out of my children!!! The method does not use spanking, is a simple, win/win method for both parents and the kids! The key is Consistency, and this method is consistent-ABLE. My kids feel safe, loved, know what to expect, and feel that their consequences suck...but are fair. It took a few months to get the results that the tapes showed. But it was worth it! I have 4 young boys for God sakes! might have them. I borrowed them from my school distict. Tape one is for "start behavior" (start doing what I asked) and tape two is for "stop behavior" (stop what you are doing) and there are more in the series, but I dont need them...yet.