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12 month old likes to scream and talk back (babble)

My 12 month old daughter screams/yells when she want's our attention or doesn't want us to stop her. For example: when my husband and I are talking and not paying attention to her. If we pay attention to her she stops while we give her attention and starts as soon as we continue to talk. If we ignore her, she continues to yell ALL the time.

I took her to a friends house and she kept trying to pull out her fan's plug from the wall. I pulled her away several times and tried to distract her with other things. About the 3rd time she started yelling at me with her babble. Seriously she was telling me off -loud and when I grabbed her she yelled more and screams and jerks around to get away. I was so imbarrased. Any advice for a screamer who is very strong willed and determined?

We take a mommy and me swim class. When my daughter has had enough she starts jerking her body to get away and screams. The other children her age are not doing that. Another mom I am friends with looked at her and then me like ... my child is out of control.

My mom is telling me she's out of control and want's me to start spanking her more. Right now I spank her hand if she keeps touching things she shouldn't like the trash/stove/or tv. It has worked. But she doesn't cry anymore she just looks at me angry like. I've tried spanking her and she has gotten more angry in the past. She is definately not afraid of me.

Re: 12 month old likes to scream and talk back (babble)

Although I can't really give you advice, I can say it gets better. My little boy was the same, but he is now 21 months old and has stopped the screams completely. I also tried everything I could think of: being nice, being annoyed, everything, and nothing worked. So I think it's just a matter of time. I also felt embarrassed, didn't want other people to think I was a bad mum, not controlling him. But he is still in the playing with plugs stage, I'm hoping he's gonna stop that soon, cause he's getting to the stage he can run to them faster than me. Hope this helps, you're not suffering alone.

Re: Re: 12 month old likes to scream and talk back (babble)

You have to start sometime. The sooner the better. And in your home is the prefect place to practice. Not so much imbarrassment. And when you feel like she is getting the hang of it, it make you more relaxed about being in publice when her. Health rewards are great too. Frozen Fruit pops. Remember to keep the lessons short, don't make her wait more then 2 or 3 minutes once the good behavior starts!

Re: 12 month old likes to scream and talk back (babble)

12 months is about the time they are trying to figure out their limit with you. Be Strong, she will not break, it's not within her spirit to break. The one that will breat is you (or your husband, to make you happy) Instead of her breaking, what will happen is, she will learn. Be strong. Set a limit, for her and for you, and stick strong to it, even if you have to go into the bathroom and cry. Try this: You and husband talk for 3 min to 5 min and if she tries to interupt,tell her to wait until daddy and you are finished talking. If she won't wait, give her a consequence and if she won't stick to the consequence (timeout for example) tell her "no! you will sit here until you listen. I need to talk to daddy and then I will talk to you". The Parents get what they want first! Then it's her turn! she will learn! Being strong is the key and it doesn't mean that you are a mean or unloving parent.

Re: Re: 12 month old likes to scream and talk back (babble)

Don't spank her, she is too young to comprehend that and you will end up with a hitter on your hands. She will start hitting you and other children. Physical punishment is not effective in the long term. I will only smack in extreme circumstances such as if my child tries to run out on the road. Time out is much more effective. Just put her in her crib for 2 minutes to calm down when she throws a wobbly. What she is doing is normal at her age. Some children start tantrums earlier than others. Don't be embarassed by what other people say or think. Most have no idea or forgotten which it is like to live with a toddler. When out in public avoid eye contact and ignore other people.

There are a couple of books you might want to read. One is Raising the Spirited Child and the other is Discipline without Shouting or Spanking. I can't remember the authors but you should be able to find them from the titles.

Go luck and things will get better. She is probably just frustrated as she is unable to express her needs properly at 12 months.

Re: Re: Re: 12 month old likes to scream and talk back (babble)

Thank you for your advice. Always willing to hear anyone out. I will definately look into getting those recommended books Raising the Spirited Child and Discipline with out Shouting or Spanking. Thank you. Any other comments are welcome. It's nice to hear that others have shared in the difficulty.

Re: 12 month old likes to scream and talk back (babble)

Because she is only 12 months old, it is going to have to be kind of OK for her to get her needs met this way! She is a baby! She does not have the awareness of the concept of what we call manipulation!

But very soon, she WILL be aware of how to manipulate. And so this bable bossing does NOT become the method she uses on you to get her way, and lead to all other sorts of dissention, you must plan your "discipline method" now! I have recommended this in other replys...Please just try to watch these videos called 123 Magic!
It sounds corney. And when I watched them, I rolled my eyes at the results that were supposed to occur. But it is a miracle! I get much greater Cooperation out of my children!!! The method does not use spanking, is a simple, win/win method for both parents and the kids! The key is Consistency, and this method is consistent-ABLE. My kids feel safe, loved, know what to expect, and feel that their consequences suck...but are fair. It took a few months to get the results that the tapes showed. But it was worth it! I have 4 young boys for God sakes! might have them. I borrowed them from my school distict. Tape one is for "start behavior" (start doing what I asked) and tape two is for "stop behavior" (stop what you are doing) and there are more in the series, but I dont need them...yet.