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Re: pants wetting

Send him to school in Pull-Ups. Theres an 90% chance he will quit doing this once he starts school, and sees the other kids not doing it. If he continues, you will have to buy a lot of pull-ups for awhile longer.

I also have a little sister who, long ago finally potty trained the day she started Kindergarten...for example. Imagine a 5 and a half year old child still peeing and pooping in a diaper! Good Lord! She came home that afternoon after school, and asked for panties.

Re: pants wetting

i have a 9 year old who still wets and soils, though we are winning the battle!
at school, she regularly wets herself. i have an arrangement with the staff and pop in at lunchtime to make sure she goes to the loo or wash and change her, whichever needs doing and have been doing this for 5 years now.
one of the best bits of help i was given by the enuresis clinic was to try and get a member of teaching staff to act as a mentor. this person reminds the child to use the toilet at every available oppertunity, thereby making it less likely that they have an accident.
it worked for us for some time, but unfortunately our problrm is linked to behavioural difficulties and is not as straight forward as being late at potty training!
good luck, remember, never get cross, you simply make the problem worse. positive encouragement is much better than negative critiscism.

Re: Re: pants wetting

I have the same problem with my 4 year old, she constantly wets her knickers, also has behavioural problems and delayed speech.
At school the teachers will change her but lately she has been coming home wet as teachers haven't noticed, I don't quite know why my daughter is doing this.