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Re: Re: Out of control 4 year old

I just wanted to say, I feel for you. My daughter is doing the same things you just described your daughter doing. She's three years old and it feel's alot better to know that it's normal behavior that she's going threw. I've got a mother(whom never raised me abandond me when i was a year old came back in my life after 16years and then, feels she has the right to tear my parenting belief's apart. She believes in a good slap on the butt, and because I don't my daughter/children act out in this manner. Back talk and so on. I believe in, consistency and talking with your kids, letting them know what there doing that you are not going to tolerate. I believe in time outs and so forth. Well, about my mother that is for a whole other subject though, I could write a book about this woman, mother or not, she don't deserve the title she has! Just say she is no longer in my life, she's caused so much havic for my family and children she's no longer allowed in our lifes. Ok for the next opera show! :) sorry. Guess something must be bothering me, is there a place on this board for this kind of subject? again I"m sorry to all you who are readin this.

Re: Out of control 4 year old

You have to buy a video on discipline called
123 Magic!
It has been a miracle for me. It gives a SIMPLE, cooperation program that is quick, easy, duplicatable, consistent, and covers pretty much any type of resistance you could get from your child.
Tape one is about "Start Behavior"
Tape two is for "Stop Behavior"
I forgot the name of the Guy who made it, because I borrowed the tapes from the school district (an early intervention specialist that worked for our area education agency). PLEASE have faith and check it out...123 Magic. It sounds corney but its worth it!

Re: Out of control 4 year old

i agree, dont shout at her try to stay calm, remember to talk firmly and tell her what she is doing wrong and what will happen if she does not stop. you should think about the time out method or you could give her stickers for when her behaviour is good. just try to stick with it.

Re: Re: Out of control 4 year old

Thanks for all the great advice! I will check out the books and videos mentioned. I appreciate the help and sorry I didn't check back sooner. I've also been getting down to her level to speak to her. That seems to help. She is very quick with her apologies. I have also been trying to help her clarify why she is apologizing. Thanks again to everyone!