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Re: toddlers destroying my home...the toddler tornado's!!!

Well I am glad I am not the only one living with freight train kids... My 5 and 2 year old get up in the morning, close my bedroom door and go on a rampage. I have put a deadlock on the kitchen pantry, lock on the fridge atc....They have painted my bathroom for me, smashed china, pulled everything item out of wardrobes, drawn on carpet with crayon, and much worse. So when i wake up finally i am too scared to even come out of my room to the horror i would find. I dont know what to do either! I am fedup and ready to give the two of them away.The worse thing is I have a 9month old aswell, god help me when starts. All i seem to do is yell all the time and i am tired of it, maybe we can put our heads together and try and find a solution.