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toddlers destroying my home...the toddler tornado's!!!

hi my two year old and three year old are destroying my home, everytime we decorate there bedrooms within one day they have drawn on walls, pealed plaster, ripped wallpaper, tawn curtains down and so on.

i am finding it very difficult to cope i also have a 4 month old and was very ill dueing my pregnancy with her, i was unable to cope on my own and had grandma come to help, they were angels before my health problems started but now are impossible, im trying to get back to how we were with a strong disapline base but four months on things are not getting better.

i have no support network, my friends have all just had babies too and so are to busy, my family are all very preoccupied and so cant give any support, and my husband is trying to juggle a very demanding job and helping his mum look after his very sick brother who has cancer.
i dont know what to do i feel like im a single mum in so many ways, before he got sick we bought a house which we have been doing up, but know my husband doesnt have time to do the work on the house and is often away on buisness or with his brother, so i am having to take over on all the house stuff, the kids, the cleaning and supporting my husband, i have also had to give up work as i now dont have any childcare for my working hours.


Re: toddlers destroying my home...the toddler tornado's!!!

hiya my name is hannah u should not let little annoying toddlers distroy ur life thats the good advice i can give

Re: toddlers destroying my home...the toddler tornado's!!!

I am right there with you hon. I have had to really keep a close eye on my four year old especially when my hubby is out to sea (he is active duty military). I do not use time outs as they do not work, however I will stand with her and actually move her hands while I make her clean up everything that she has destroyed. Sometimes it is as simple and turning the tv off, and having her stand in front of me and singing the barney clean up song - if that doesn't work she knows that it will be very unpleasant. I am not averse to a smack on the bottom too - as long as it is rare it truly can get their attention.

Re: toddlers destroying my home...the toddler tornado's!!!

Well I am glad I am not the only one living with freight train kids... My 5 and 2 year old get up in the morning, close my bedroom door and go on a rampage. I have put a deadlock on the kitchen pantry, lock on the fridge atc....They have painted my bathroom for me, smashed china, pulled everything item out of wardrobes, drawn on carpet with crayon, and much worse. So when i wake up finally i am too scared to even come out of my room to the horror i would find. I dont know what to do either! I am fedup and ready to give the two of them away.The worse thing is I have a 9month old aswell, god help me when starts. All i seem to do is yell all the time and i am tired of it, maybe we can put our heads together and try and find a solution.