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Re: Re: Re: Washing hair

May I know what kind of the rings that can goes on top of the head & stop the water going near the eyes?
I also have problem washing hair for my daughter. She is three years old now, but I have to carry her like a baby to wash her hair. It is very tiring for me to do so because of her saiz.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Washing hair

The ring I have is made of a soft foam and just pulls over the top of the head leaving the hair exposed. I bought ours about 10 years ago but I would think they are still made. Perhaps mothercare have them?

Re: Washing hair

i had the same problem with a few of my mother told me to lay them on the counter in the kitchen, put a towel under their necks while hanging their hair in the sink. Washing it like that worked like a charm. I figured out that they hated water in their faces........and eventually they learned to wash their own hair in the tub (they started by doing the same thing - - laying back in the water rather than pouring water over their heads.)