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Washing hair

I am nanny to a 2yr. 9mo old girl. She screams, kicks, hits and cries when having her hair washed. I have tried to make it a game, taking away privliges, washing it in the small outdoor pool in the back yard. I have been a nanny for many years and this one has me stumped. Does anyone have any ideas? Her scream is so high pitched. As soon as we're done, she stops immediatly.

Re: Washing hair

have you tried getting the child involved and letting her take over the process of doing it herself.

Re: Re: Washing hair

Have you tried one of the rings that goes on top of the head and stops the water going near her eyes? My son hated having his hair washed and this solved the problem for us. My son is now 14 and washes his own but I am sure you could still buy them in somewhere like mother care. My mother in law apparently had the same idea years ago but made hers out of a cornflake packet!

Re: Re: Re: Washing hair

May I know what kind of the rings that can goes on top of the head & stop the water going near the eyes?
I also have problem washing hair for my daughter. She is three years old now, but I have to carry her like a baby to wash her hair. It is very tiring for me to do so because of her saiz.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Washing hair

The ring I have is made of a soft foam and just pulls over the top of the head leaving the hair exposed. I bought ours about 10 years ago but I would think they are still made. Perhaps mothercare have them?

Re: Washing hair

i had the same problem with a few of my mother told me to lay them on the counter in the kitchen, put a towel under their necks while hanging their hair in the sink. Washing it like that worked like a charm. I figured out that they hated water in their faces........and eventually they learned to wash their own hair in the tub (they started by doing the same thing - - laying back in the water rather than pouring water over their heads.)