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Re: Re: daughter

You no what pretty much my whole famliy is a little racsit but me and my 3 sisters are not,and I'm am not going to rase my son that way either.
Why would you want to raise your kids to hate people.
The way I see it is you judge people by there persinallity no matter what race or what religion,poeple are people we are all the same.

Re: daughter

Zebras and penguins must be on your 'most hated' list as well.

Re: Re: daughter

WOW...I know Im late posting this, all I can say is there is still hope for the world...if your daughter was raised with this kind of hatred and she still loves this man, good for her, I guess bigots are just going to have to stay ignorant and in love with each other because it getting harder and harder to pass stupidity on to others....and your baby is grown!