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My wife and I are in a terrible pickle. Our daughter is dating a ******!!
Our sweetheart went to college last year after doing very well in high school. One weekend, after dropping our daughter back to college, we saw her speaking with a Negro outside her halls. We thought it was a janitor and left.

But it turns out the Negro was a fellow student in her political science classes and they are dating! My wife and I were livid when we found out. We always told our daughter to despise the black man and never associate with ******s. Through elementary school to high school, she NEVER had any black friends. She should ALWAYS be proud of her white heritage; our ancestry goes back to England and Germany and our family fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. ******s are an inferior race to whites. We thought our daughter had realised this. Our family is Presbyterian and we don't permit ******s in our church.

When we asked our daughter if she was in love with the Negro, she said yes!! When we asked her if she had sex with him, she said yes!!!! WHAT THE ****!!? ****** ape **** has been sliding in and out of our daughter's racially superior *****!!!

Well my wife was in tears when she heard this. I couldn't believe it either. We made an ultimatum with our baby. Either stop dating this Negro or we have to terminate supporting her through college. I hope she takes the right choice and recognises her white heritage.

Re: daughter

Are you related to Adolf Hitler by any chance?

Re: Re: daughter

The Negro who had been dating our daughter has switched classes. So our baby won’t have to see him anymore.

But what shocks my wife and I is that our daughter, whom we brought up to hate ******s, could actually have had sex with one?!

Why is she betraying our white heritage and us? Is she starting to believe that blacks are as good as whites? Who told her this? My wife and I are determined to ascertain who is telling our daughter these things.

Re: Re: Re: daughter

Generally speaking, people don't like hate. Your daughter does not like hate, obviously. Secondly, her decisions are her own. Lastly, the world is becoming a different place, and hatred for ideological reasons is becoming less tolerable.

Your daughter is old enough to make decisions without fear of retribution. If her actions are alarming to you, you ought simply tell her, in an adult manner, how you feel, then move to a remote region of Greenland. So far as I know there are no "people of color" living on the northern polar ice caps. Besides, the polar bears are whiteish. Sounds like just the place where you can settle down and be surrounded by all the ideals you hold so dear.

Good luck! I hear the ice-fishing is great this time of year!

Re: daughter

RED NECK ALERT, RED NECK ALERT. Are your white sheets back from the cleaners ?? Bet you are a fully paid up member of the worlds biggest cowards the KKK.Racially superior YOU!!! are you joking ? If your daughters attitudes towards people of other colours is different to yours then thats good for her. If she should be deciding on her own that a persons colour doesn't affect her feelings for someone or what she thinks about them thats better for the world. You red necks make me sick and I'm offended that you say your ancestry goes all the way back to England, I don't want trash like you being linked to this country.

Re: Re: daughter

Hey....don't blame us rednecks for this kind of stupidity!!! I come from a large family of rednecks....and contrary to popular belief, not all rednecks are small minded racists. Please, don't put us the the same catagory as this idiot.

Re: daughter

You stupid racist bigot c.unt, how dare you post this kind of $hit on a nice site like this. What makes blacks so inferior to white people? I want specifics, not just "niggs are crap" like most of you ignorant fools say. I am 100% white and I don't go around talking all this "white pride crap" my father is british and my mother is dutch, and i'm pale as caspers a$$ ....but I still treat people equally no matter what race they are. And it doesnt surprise me that you are a christian either, typical bigots. The world would be a much more advanced place today if bible thumpers and christ lovers werent around....oh and I forgot...FUC.K YOU RACIST! let your daughter do whatever she wants, she's a grown woman! I should hunt you down and disembowel you with a wooden kitchen spoon.

Re: Re: daughter

You no what pretty much my whole famliy is a little racsit but me and my 3 sisters are not,and I'm am not going to rase my son that way either.
Why would you want to raise your kids to hate people.
The way I see it is you judge people by there persinallity no matter what race or what religion,poeple are people we are all the same.

Re: daughter

Zebras and penguins must be on your 'most hated' list as well.

Re: Re: daughter

WOW...I know Im late posting this, all I can say is there is still hope for the world...if your daughter was raised with this kind of hatred and she still loves this man, good for her, I guess bigots are just going to have to stay ignorant and in love with each other because it getting harder and harder to pass stupidity on to others....and your baby is grown!