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Re: Eugene W. Ong

To John ONG

Are you related to Eugene ONG?
In reply to your question, Andrew W. Preston found out about the ménage à trois
.going on at Eugene and Bessie's home and Being a wee bit old fashioned reacted to protect his only daughter. He then over-reacted by firing Eugene, and making it impossible for him to find légal world anywhere on the East Coast except New York. His grandchildren could never meet their father again. If they did so, they would lose their inheritance. Bradley Palmer was the true villain in this story as it was he who advised Bampa Preston.
There is more but that is the synopsis.
The children never truly recovered from the divorce nor did they ever meet their cousins from Ong's second marriage. I knew him to be a good good man and he did not deserve to suffer so. I know little about his life as a lawyer in New York.
Get back to me as I am curious about your interest and just maybe we can help each other.