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UFC in Kuna Yala (San Blas, Panama)

I had a very interesting hike the other day in the Kuna indian terretory of Panamá (Guna Yala). We took a dug out canoe up a river and our Kuna friend showed me a large group of pilings which he said used to be a dock. Based on the ruined pilings it would have been large enough for a small ship.

We followed the river inland and then hiked past a large, but long abandonded air strip.

He told me foreigners used to have a big farm here. This was a surprise to me because this is now prohibited.

There was long abandonded farn equipment there too.

It was obviously a larger operation and had to be well capitalized. So, UFC came to mind.

Later we met the elderly chief of a nearby village on the trail. Our friend was too young to remember the details, but I expected the chief might. I asked if it had been "United Fruit". He clearly recognized the name and emphatically respond that it was.

What an interesting day!

I will try and post my waypoint for the old landing strip. It is still clearly visible on Google Earth.