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Thanks for coming to the The Independent Bikers of Queens, Toys For Tots Forum. A few simple rules to abide by here to make this enjoyable for everyone.

. One User name per person

2. Must have a "valid" email address on your account. This is needed to send you a password, and to send updates about the site.

3. No mass posting or flooding of the boards/live chat is allowed. If you have something to post, post it on one board.

4. No Advertising Posts. If you want to advertise, you may do so within your signature.

5. You will not spam, harass, threaten, call names, or exploit other members or the website in any way.

6. You must be at least 18 years old.

7. All icons used in signatures must be less than 10,000 bytes.

8. Posts that seem to be for the sole intention of starting bull**** will be deleted. If the posts continue, then the Username will be deleted.

If you dont like the rules, leave!