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Albert Einstein in Puerto Armuelles as Guest of UFCO

I have papers written by Mark Trafton Jr. (possibly for a book)outlining his 30 odd years with UFCO in Panama. He mentions meeting Albert Einstein and taking him and Einstein's wife Eloise on a tour of the company's operations in Chiriqui-Puerto Armuelles. Other local reports say Einstein was travelling incognito as a guest of UFCO boss in Panama Hank Blair.

Local accounts say the date was 1938. However, Trafton doesn't mention the date. Einstein's wife died in 1936, so the local report must be incorrect.
Does anyone have any info about Einstein's visit(s)?

There is speculation that Einstein was arranging transportation of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. Einstein's memoirs do indeed state he helped many academics and musicians this way.

Any help would be appreciated.
David Dell
Chiriqui, Panama.

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