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history of UF medical department

I am supplimenting some dissertation material on Jamaica with research on the work of the UF medical department. I know they put out an annual report, but can't seem to track down all the years. Any suggestions of archival sources or other places to look?
Best regards,
Jill Briggs
UC Santa Barbara
p.s. great work here and much appreciated!

Re: history of UF medical department

Hi Jills,

Your work sounds great. There is so little known about the medical efforts and expenses that the company undertook (even if some might say it was to further exploit their worker). These reports appear to exist in a number of mostly research libraries around the country. If you are near one of them or have access to an ILL system, you should be able to get them. Here is where they are located: http://www.worldcat.org/title/annual-report-united-fruit-company-medical-department/oclc/1574308

Please give us an update on how this work goes. When you finish the dissertation, I hope you could share it with us, or at least the relevant chapter.

(Asst. Prof. Soka University of America)