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Tela Railroad Company (Honduras) steam locomotives


I'm trying to identify (make and models) the steam locomotives used by the TRRCo. during the 1940s and 50s. I also wonder if the United Fruit Company Historical Society may have photos of those locomotives?

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Re: Tela Railroad Company (Honduras) steam locomotives

Mr Kaixo:
Did you ever find the info on TRR Co locomotives? I traveled on those trains as a kid in 50s-60s. I am also interested in knowing if this UFCo Historical Society is active. I am a US economist of Honduran origin.
Good luck in your research.
Manuel Knight

Re: Tela Railroad Company (Honduras) steam locomotives

Estimado Sr Knight,
Que todo etse bien.

Yo he tomado unas fotos recientemente relacionadas a el tema que usted aduce.
La ciudad de El Progreso esta haciendo realidad un parque con muchos de los equipos que la TRRCO utilizo en sus trabajos.

Orlando Yanes

Re: Tela Railroad Company (Honduras) steam locomotives

I was born in the Tela Rail Road Co. Hospital. Lived 4 blocks from the train stations, and 1/4 mile from the famous muelle de Tela where ships loaded the banana directly from the rail cars. My Dad was the custom house rep for merchants ordering from the USA. My Uncle died in the explosion of one of those steam engine. We traveled in the Mixto to San Pedro and Kilometro 15 and Cortes. I will try to get some info for your research. Presently I'm updating a master plan of a resort City for the Tela Bay that I developed as a thesis project at Drexel University in 1980. I have been doing research in TelaBay. I'm an Architect in Philadelphia. Honduras moves slow. But I love the place. My family ties there is 1200 strong.
You may reachme at rch948@comcast.net

Re: Tela Railroad Company (Honduras) steam locomotives

Hi Kaixo,
Interesting question on the locomotives. The UFCHS society's officers, Marcelo Busteli and Ian ? can help you. But I don't know if they are still interested in the society, having moved on to teaching jobs. You'll need to check with them directly.
I may have ridden on a train pulled by those locos. As a kid I visited Honduras in 1962 & 1966 and in the 1970s, did a lot of traveling by bus, rail, plane, you name it. Loved wandering around that country.
A historian in San Pedro might also know this info. Are you writing a book?
Manuel Knight
Washington DC