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Archaeology of UFCo Plantations?

Hi all,

I'm considering doing excavations at some of the UFCo plantations in Guatemala in order to explore the everyday lives of workers and the structures of institutional control of land and labor. I have been seeking a map or other information on the landholdings of the UFCo and locations of plantations, ports, etc that would have had substantial worker housing and presence. Does anyone know where such a thing could be found? Any comments on the this project would also be greatly appreciated!

Re: Archaeology of UFCo Plantations?

You might have luck by calling the map sections of some of the major research libraries. I know that the Baker Library at Harvard has a large collection of UFCo photographs, there might be maps in another location. You might hunt for such maps especially in Boston libraries, where UFCo was headquartered.

This sounds like a wonderful project. I hope you can keep the society updated.