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Request for assistance - photos of wharf at Port Morant, Jamaica

I am looking for old pictures of the United Fruit Company wharf/facilities at Port Morant. Here is my story:

My grandfather and all his relatives claimed that they were born in Canada and that their parents were from Scotland.

The truth is that they were born in Jamaica in the late 1800s, early 1900s.

After the death of their father, the children of Charles Abraham sailed from Port Morant aboard the United Fruit Company steamer SS Admiral Sampson in 1907, arriving in Boston.

They settled in Toronto, Canada. They were "mulatto" and Hebrew, but assumed the identities of white protestants in Canada.

They left one girl behind because she was "negro" at birth. Quite an amazing story - I discovered this about a month ago. I am looking for anyone who can assist me to find long lost relatives.

Their family name is Sampson. They are from the May Hill-Alligator Pond area. There are references to land they owned called "Gaza" which was sold on the death of Charles Abraham Sampson. Here are the family members:

Charles Abraham SAMPSON b. about 1822
Spouse: Georgiana Windett b. Sept 4 1841

John Charles Augustus SAMPSON b: 1858 in Jamaica
Alice Maria PARSONS b: 4 APR 1867 in Manchester, Middlesex, Jamaica
1. Sidney Oliver SAMPSON b: 21 JAN 1903 in Royal Flat, Jamaica
2. x Birth Certif. Lilian SAMPSON b: 28 APR 1890 in Jamaica
3. x Birth Certif. Ida Maude SAMPSON b: 10 MAY 1892 in Jamaica
4. Nell SAMPSON b:???? in Jamaica
5. Catherine Imogene SAMPSON b: 1893 in Jamaica
6. My grandfather John Eustace Burke SAMPSON b: 9 FEB 1895 in Comfort, Manchester, Jamaica
7. Franklin Augustus SAMPSON b: 1906 in Royal Flat, Jamaica
8. Unnamed SAMPSON b: 17 JUN 1891 in Royal Flat, Manchester

Any help to find lost relatives, information about any of the family members and what they did, where they lived, would be very much appreciated.

David Dossett
Web: www (dot) daviddossett (dot) com
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Re: Request for assistance - photos of wharf at Port Morant, Jamaica

Have you tried the photographic collections of the United Fruit Co. in the Harvard Library?
There are thousands of photos including their operations and facilities in Jamaica. That particular set of photos is in series III, West Indies, 1919-1962, boxes 51-53. You could contact an archivist there for more direction.
Good luck!
Jill Briggs
UC Santa Barbara

Re: Request for assistance - photos of wharf at Port Morant, Jamaica

FYI I came back from a brief trip to Jamaica last month. I have photos and panoramas and videos of Port Morant. Take a look at my Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33bZ3E1Aafk&noredirect=1