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Re: UFC - Banes, Cuba

No only that, but the Cronology is incorrect in several sections and says nothing about the company entering Cuba, nor the establishment of the Boston and Preston sugar mills.

Re: UFC - Banes, Cuba

Thanks for these comments. We will certainly fix any mistakes that are on this website. Can you be more specific on what you feel is incorrect?

As for adding to the chronology, we can do this as well. Since UFCo produced bananas and other goods in more seven Latin American nations and sold bananas to three continents over the span of many decades, it is impossible to include every detail. But if anyone wants to suggest an addition for the chronology, please give us the exact date or period and a sentence or two about the event.


Ian Read

Re: UFC - Banes, Cuba

Dr. Read, I’ve contacted my second cousin who may be able to give us more information on the plant in Banes, Cuba. I understand his uncle, my great uncle, worked at UFC in Banes. I’ll keep everyone posted…

Eon Flux (nice pseudo email name) thanks for adding your comments. Do you know of anyone in your family that could elaborate more on the UFC in Banes?