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Re: Re: United Fruit Company Docks in San Francisco

Thanks for the reply Ian,

I don't believe that the docks were designated a pier number as they were built for the United Fruit Company by or in cooperation with the Pacific Fruit Express Company, then a joint venture between the Southern Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads. The docks were located in Mission Creek, opposite the China Basin Building near the Third Street (Lefty O'Doul) Bridge. They are, I believe, called out on USGS maps of the era as "Banana Docks." One or two images can be found in the San Francisco Public Library's images collection. That collection is located here: http://sfpl.lib.ca.us/librarylocations/sfhistory/sfphoto.htm

Thanks for the advice, I hadn't thought of looking into Ebay.

Re: United Fruit Company Docks in San Francisco

Dear Ian Read:
During the last few months I have been showing a Powerpoint display of some outstanding photos of the USS Battleship New Jersey transiting the Panama Canal
in 1953 on it way to the Pacific and Korea.

It remeinded me of some great slides I had taken of your banana plantation in Costa Rica a year before that. I was going to show them as well at one of my presentations. I could not find these shots. I can't imagine what had happened to them. They covered the whole operatiion of bringing stalks of bananas on mule's backs, dipping them in vats, and loading them on train cars for shipping to the docks close by.

I was wondering if you might know of someone or yourself that would have similar photos of some a routine. I would prefer them to be of Costa Rica, but they would not have to be. I would be happy to exchange some of these I have for yours or the offer to some other indivdual would be satisfactory as well.

Please let me know. Thanks

Bill Denham