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United Fruit Company Photograph Collection


In the master's degree in Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Universidad de los Andes, we are runnig ahead a research on the interdisciplinary study of historical memory. To this end, we have taken as a case study the so-called "Banana Plantations Massacre", which took place in Ciénaga (Magdalena) in 1928.

In my case, I am interested in investigating the role of images in representing and legitimising a historical fact. For this purpose, I am going to the different archives and institutions that have photographic material related to the event or the actors involved. In that vein, I would like to know if you have any photographic material about the work of the United Fruit Company in Colombia (Ciénaga). If so, I would like to know how I could access to this metarial.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you.

King regards.

Adriana Vera Aguilera
Magíster en Estudios Culturales
Universidad de los Andes
Interdisciplinary Latin American Memory Research Network (MemoriAL)
(+57) 3118390835

Re: United Fruit Company Photograph Collection


If you've received no answer to your post you can email Professor Marcelo Bucheli now at the University of Illinois - Champaign Urbana. He created the society but is now busy with his teaching. He is Colombian. I don't think anyone is monitoring this blog. Good luck.

Manuel Knight
in Washington DC