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UF Guatemala steam locomotives

I am searching for a full set of the blueprints to the Steam locomotives of that ran on the UF railways in Guatemala.

The railroads down there were 3' gauge, what we call narrow gauge. They were built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, PA. from 1928 to 1948. These carried the road numbers 150 - 204, of which 32 were Baldwin built. A few of those were built by Krupp and Porter, but they too were built from the Baldwin design: "drawing 24".

The UF had locomotives labeled "Cia Agricola" and "IR De CA".

This post is just an attempt to learn if the UF company kept a set of those blueprint in one of its US locations, possibly at its main location archive. If there are a set on microfilm or other form of easily duplicated media, that would be a much less expensive way to get a set, so this is the start of that search.

I am familiar with all the US's Baldwin collections and also know of the Guatemala State archive that probably has the set.

Thanks, take care all!

Re: UF Guatemala steam locomotives

There is also a railway museum in Guatemala City. You might try them.