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Oral History Project 100 Years after founding Truxillo Railroad

While there are many materials on the corporate level intrigues of the United Fruit Company, there are not a lot of studies about the impact of the company on the people it employed, and the other people who interacted with it and its employees and its stores and their interethnic relations and much of what I have seen on studies of Honduras does not agree with the results of this oral history Project which includes people from the Garífuna, Miskito,Tawahka, Pech, Lenca, Chorti, Black English speakers, and a few Ladinos. Some stories related to the Tela Railroad and the Standard Fruit Company also collected. I have begun to put the results of this oral history Project on the website
www.healthandhonduranindiansblacks.blogspot.com There are a lot of different topics on this website,as I am interested in the history of the North coast from the Olmec period to the present, but if you put in the box in the upper left hand corner the words Truxillo or Tela or Railroad just those articles will come up. Truxillo and Tela Railroad were fully owned United Fruit subsidiaries in Honduras, while what was Cuyamel Fruit became part of United Fruit in the 1930's.
Wendy Griffin, author of Los Garífunas de Honduras, Los Pech de Honduras, La Historia de los Indigenas de la Zona Nororiental de Honduras tomo I y II, The History and Culture of the Bay Islanders and Black English Speakers of the North Coast of Honduras