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Minister of Agriculture for Carlos Castillo Armas


My grandfather was Minister of Agriculture under Carlos Castillo Armas. During the administration of Julio César Mendez Montenegro, he was forced to escape Guatemala with the aid of the U.S. government. My grandmother, father, and uncle soon followed my grandfather to the United States. My grandfather passed away in 1993 and my father and I are trying to piece together what we can of his time in Guatemala. Unfortunately he never was able to write much about his life and of course his business records had to be left behind when he escaped Guatemala. However, though my father was a teenager when he left Guatemala, he has always been very interested in my grandfather's work, and, as my father grew older, he tried to learn as much about it from my grandfather as he could. We are almost positive that my grandfather shows up in the records of United Fruit Company and we wanted to post this message to see if any of you who have studied the history of this company have come across any mention of him. Thanks and we look forward to the conversation!


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