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Re: Is it possible to do this sound with my casio ht-6000?

Below are what comes to my mind thinking about creating organ sounds with HT-6000. Pick up some ideas and try experimenting to find something you like.

1) HT has 4 Oscillators. These can be used as drawbars.
2) Experiment with various waveforms to find suitable ones.
3) Set the detune to emulate drawbars. When the detune is small, it works as chorusing effect. When the detune parameter is larger, it works like higher drawbars.
4) OSC Volume can be seen as drawbar settings.

1) Set lower cutoff frequency, and turn resonance slightly to simulate middle drawbars. When resonance is on, don't use the filter envelope movement.
2) Set resonance to zero, and use the filter envelope to emulate the click.

1) Set attack fast, sustain full, and release time zero.
2) Set sustain slightly less than full, and you can use the decay time for adding click.

1) Use faster vibrato.
2) Use faster chorus type.
3) RingMod waveform with slight Line4 detune can add beating effect.

1) Mixed at very low volume, some speaker atmosphere can be added.
2) With very short envelope, it adds some clicks.

Organ needs no velocity. However, everything is possible with synthesis. Slight velocity with the filter and the oscillator volume may worth trying as long as you feel fun to play.

Don't mind your English - Me is the same.

Re: Is it possible to do this sound with my casio ht-6000?


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