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Hat's Garden Party.

By now you should have all received two garbled e-mails from Dave regarding the above momentous event.
In case the aforementioned emails were as clear as ditch water the garden birthday party will be held at Spark Lane on Sunday 6th June around 2pm. It will be a working party at Pat's request so you will need to bring gardening tools, gloves, etc and a lawnmower would be handy. Cocktail dresses and high heels will not be necessary.
Please bring food, drink, any garden chairs you can spare and glasses if you don't want to drink out of a paper cup.
It might also be nice to have a bit of a plant swap so if you have an abundance of something - not too invasive - that you want to get rid of bring that along as well.
Any replies or suggestions would be helpful on this sight or email me at