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Oh, give me a home ....

I am still looking for a home for Bun. I thought I had solved the problem but the wheels (or rather the legs) have fell off as we say. His hutch is deteriorating by the minute. The handle to the inner sanctum where bun sleeps (and does other things) has fell off so I can’t get in. For all I know he is kipping on a huge dungheap. Also the other door has fell off and has to be bashed on every night. Plus owing to the freezing weather conditions I have to get a chizzel to get him out in the morning. And his water bottle keeps freezing up. He is not a happy bunny. If anyone has a small wooden piece of furniture (not Rays old telly – oh, I don’t know though) which could be converted into a rabbit boudoir we would be glad to know about it. I have scoured the whole of Runcorn and Tranmere to no avail. Have a look at Pats snow pics to see one very p*ssed off, desperate looking animal.