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Where's the bleeding pictures roger!

I thought roger was putting up his Ludlow Photos, where art thou photo's?

Have you got one of Rich acting like Ajax in the jaquzzi. If he had a grey beard and long hair he would have looked like moses leading the jews or in his case the young ones, to the promised land.

He might have one of thomas acting like Achilles running thru the woods by field with the horses in. ildiot !


Re: Where's the bleeding pictures roger!

brilliat ludlow photos (whoever put them on)


The website at googlepages is under going a painful methaphormosis into god knows what,it is in a state of 'migration' at present although the blurbs tell us that it is supposed to be finalised.Have not tried to upload anything at present because the page creator thingy is very vague about how you achieve this.If you have the same problem as the person who uploaded the WW pics get in touch with and it will be sorted from there.Looking at the ww page source it seems that the boffins at gpages are having some difficulties in getting uploaded stuff to appear on the webpage sorry to bore the *i*s off you but thats the way it is at present things might change at a later date, till then Merry Xmas and ............

...............BE CAREFUL OUT THERE ...........

Re: Where's the bleeding pictures roger!

Added some more of "our Chrissie's" pictures to the ludlow album.

Regardless of what may have been said by Clanmaster Nodial, it is pretty time consuming without using the Picasa software.

Re: Whats happening with the nodial woods program

I have found a woodland scrug for sale in carmarthen for 40,000 bones with a stream and log cabin. is anyone interested in investing ? i'll put up 20,000 bones-so £20,000 more bones needed by nodial co-operative(cash only ).
bobby blob orange
here's the link you muppets

10 acres in total

click on website below mongs !