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greetings from ho chi minh

this place would be hogs heaven for the old man-its total chaos-anything goes-we just watched a guy riding a moped with a 15ft ladder attached and theres much more-watch out for my video xxxx rated

Re: greetings from ho chi minh

Hi Ray & Angie
Glad to hear you have kept ahead of all the doom and disaster. Don't forget to wash your hands if you go feeding any chickens. It's all quiet on the home front except that Halton Lea management have gone bust so we'll all be out scratting around amongst them chickens soon when the baked beans etc run out and a certain ex-football manager of your acquaintence has been 'done' for clocking somebody on the head with a bar stool -allegedly 79 an all. If you get my meaning - if you know what I mean. Enjoy the rest of your hols and we'll all be glad to see you when you get back.