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Singapore Sling

Having missed the Typhoon in Manilla by 12 hours the earthquake in Indonesia by a day and the Tsunami in Pacific by a couple of thousand miles -I'm very confident that "grim reaper" pindlington will have something up here sleeve for our trip to Nam. this space

Re: Singapore Sling

Allah be praised, myself and the Irani presidenti are going to arrange a large firework display in honour of yours and the Mrs Pinnington's visit to theheathen lowlife land called Vietnam by despatching a ICBM to wipe the place off the earth to coincide with your arrival ------- you ain't seen nothing yet as our super star Goatloaf sings.
It serves them right for not killing all the (spit)
Yankee swines (spit) in the 70's.

Mohammed in the highest, yours

[ Osama [