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The Other Meaning of Christmas

As you will know Christmas is all about TheLittle Treasures birthday which falls on Monday this year and is also ABigOne. In honour of this I am forsaking Birkenhead this weekend and staying AtHome to bake a cake and some cucumber sandwiches. If any WisePeople would like to call round bearing gifts of frankinsense, myrrhhrr or Kate Moss perfume (or just to say Happy Birthday Fellow Noli) you are welcome. Chris will not be fully available to pay homage to on the actually day as she is off to visit The Kings no, not of Herod but Leon. Thank You.
PS To preserve the Noli longevity I shall sadly no longer be dishing up CowPie


Dear sirr,
I wish to object most strongly to the previous post which in some way infers that eating Cowpie will cause early death,As a lifetime scoffer of the said dish for over eighty years(and not looking a day over 35) I feel it is scurrious attack on the magnificent service given by the bovine species, which have provided sustinance for our brave soldiers and sailors for centuries whilst away fighting countless wars to maintain our democratic freedom.It is no wonder that the country is in the pathetic state prevailing at present, our leaders no doubt sneaking off for cucumber sarnies instead of a bit of hoof and snout, what will become of the place ???

yours sincerely