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New Initiative in the UK

Hi is in start up mode. The hope is that it will be used to promote friendship online or in person in a safe environment. If this free website can help overcome loneliness and isolation for people it will have achieved it's aim.

Emails are not visible to anyone except safeguarding admin so you can email in confidence to reach likeminded people.

We are diverse and open to anyone 18-79+, all genders and all ethnic groups. For example...

New to a town, or city etc
Looking for same gender
Stay at home parent
JUst want online friends
Looking for someone to meet up for coffee, theatre trip et
Travel companion

We will, however, not allow or tolerate inappropriate language or behaviour. If anyone has any queries etc please do not hesitate to contact me.

Safeguarding is paramount
If you meet always choose a public place and let someone you trust whom and where you are meeting.
Do not part with any money ever to anyone you meet on this website eor divulge personal details such as bank account, home address etc
If you are concerned then email admin at

All good wishes


(You can verify I am a real person on Facebook on my personal page under Deborah Anne Higgs and see my public posts).

Please SHARE and let's end loneliness and isolation wherever possible.

Donations are STRICTLY voluntary to help with admin but the beauty of this website is that there is no annual subscription or payment expected.