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My girlf friend and kids

Ok so here i go i met a beautiful smart woman almost 4 years ago I love this woman more than anything. The problem is her 2 boys ...... well lets start at the biginning ..... my gf works very hard and makes pretty good money ....she works long hours i been laid off a cpl times in our relationship........well the last time i was laid off she asked that while i am drawing unemployment she would love it if i kept the house clean. Hey fair enough i love this woman and i dont want her doing anything when she gets home. The problem is her sons one is 12 the other 14 ..... i love them also but to say the least they are slobssss.....they get done eatiing leave plates on the couch laundry all over ..... i can clean one room from the time they get home from school till when she gets home the room is trashed .......... then she thinks i did nothing all day.......Ok like i said i love her so much i would do anything for this woman ..... well i have tried to talk to her and the response is the same ..... well they had school and baseball practice and there tired or we need to sit down and talk to them ..... well when we do it may last for a day and with saying a day im giving them the benefit of doubt........ i agree dont get me wrong that i am not working at the time that i should pull my weight but ............teamwork we are a family for gods sakes ........there rooms are complete disasters and its just a trail of filth that follows .... i feel like a maid to them and all i want to do is just help my gf so she doesnt have to do it ....let me add that she does everything for these boys puts there socks on you name it she does it ...........and i figure in cleaning up behind them i open the door for me and her to spend more time together ........ no thats opens time for them to take advantage of her good nature ...... iron shirts put there laundry away clean the hamster cages for them ......yea they have pets poor things .............HELP ME PLEASE i dont want to leave her i love her so much...